If you’re like a lot of people, you may feel shy, uncertain, or self conscious before a photoshoot or event. Here are some frequently asked questions I get that may put you at ease before the big day! If you still have questions or need a little cheerleading, feel free to contact me!

What should I wear?
  • Textured clothing is great for photos! Knits, weaves, and heathers create small shadows within the clothing, giving your photo an abundance of dimension and depth.

  • Prints and patterns should be used in moderation. To make sure your clothing coordinates with the other members of your party, choose one person to wear a more graphic piece.

  • Neutral color tones are the best, but you can also add a pop of color to show your personality. Try a sunny scarf or a bright pair of boots!

  • Don’t choose colors that will conflict with or get lost in your surroundings. For example, if we are shooting in the forest with lots of green, stay away from green clothing.

  • Above all else, I want you to feel comfortable and feel like yourself! So these are just guidelines. You be you!

Below are some inspiration boards to help you pick the perfect outfit

Anything I shouldn’t wear?

Please avoid bright colors. Here’s a quick guide to finding the perfect shade:

Replace Bright Green with Army Green

Replace Bright Orange with Burnt Orange

Replace Bright Pink with Salmon or Peach

Replace Bright Yellow with Mustard Yellow

Replace Bright Red with Burnt Red

Should I bring any props?

Bring your favorite blanket! Something that is meaningful to your family, or that just matches your cute lil outfits :)

Don’t have one? Don't worry, I always have a few Pendletons in my car!

If you have anything else meaningful that you would like to incorporate into your shoot, let me know so I can start creatively brainstorming!

My kids are shy. Will this ruin the pictures?

Cool, mine too! I am experienced with shy kids, wild kids, teething kids, cool kids, weird kids, tantrum kids… I live that #momlife and I got your back! We usually start out slow with kiddos in your arms to get them warmed up. Your kid just wants to snuggle? I’ll document that too! I take it at the kid’s pace, find out what they’re into (what’s that? Paw Patrol? Cool I know all the pups by heart) then we move on to play all kinds of fun games! No stiff poses or awkward family photos around here, we jump and run and twirl and booty-bump and have an all-around good time! Just don’t be annoyed with my ‘kid voice” as I make a fool of myself pretending to fall and bouncing pinecones off my head to get them to laugh. Also one thing I love about lifestyle photography is that I get to capture your kids exactly as they ARE. If they’re throwing a fit you better believe I’m going to snap a pic (before I try to turn that frown upside-down), and it might just be your favorite in a few years when you look at their scrunched up adorable little grumpy face!

What if it’s raining on the day of my shoot?

Don’t be scared of a little drizzle! It’s usually where the MAGIC happens! Living in Central Oregon, I RARELY have to cancel a shoot due to weather. My camera is water resistant and I always carry some cute clear umbrellas in my car that you are free to incorporate into your shoot. Sometimes we shoot under the trees for the first part so you don’t get quite as wet, but by the end I usually have you running around and having the time of your lives while getting soaked! Kids love to splash in puddles, and um, have you seen The Notebook?! So romantic! These are some of my favorite shoots! I’ll keep you warm with blankets, but maybe bring a change of clothes and promise the kiddos some cocoa afterwards :)